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We believe that a healthy, beautiful and white smile can do miracles and can help people to make a unforgettable impression on others.
We use safe whitening materials with low sensitivity on teeth. Whitening process is very simple. First, the doctor makes a few photos of your smile and the health status of teeth, which is bleached to make sure that the patient has no contraindications. Then ensure that the whitening gel, which will be applied, did not get to other places (lips, gums), rather than designed to whiten teeth. The next step is the actual bleaching, the whitening gel is applied over the teeth and using a special light is activated. This light helps to better penetrate the gel inside the tooth. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes. Your smile can be whiter for up to 8 shades and the whole process is, of course, absolutely painless.

We also offer the possibility of home bleaching, which is able to whiten your teeth up to six shades in 14 days.

Contraindication: Bleaching is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women or persons with allergies to whitening gel.

We use whitening materials that are ranked among the top on the market:

Pure white

Quick White

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