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For patients

First Visit

During the first visit, doctor will ask you to fill out a registration card, where you record information about your medical condition, information on what medications you are taking and of course the reason for your visit. The next step is a detailed examination of the oral cavity. Your doctor will examine in detail not only the state of dentition, but also the state of the gums, tongue, mucosa and salivary glands. For a complete examination dentist will make an X. ray images to reveal problems not evident at first sight, such as the decay under fillings, dental decay in between teeth, root status and bone health. The result of these examinations is the treatment plan. The patient is informed in advance of the diagnosis and therapies, which will be the most suitable for his/her condition.

For patients with long-term illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, etc., we are ready to offer special care.


Dental decay (Caries Dentium)

one of the most commonly asked questions from patients in dental office , what is the decay? How is it possible that I have a decay but I feel no pain?

Dental decay or caries dentium is one of the most common human diseases, it is a bacterial disease of the tooth. The basic elements for the development of caries are the remnants of food, the bacteria use these residuals to create acid that make a de-mineralization of the tooth enamel, penetrates the dentine and the dental pulp. If the decay is only in enamel, most patients feel no problem. The problem starts when decay pervades the dentine, at that time, most patients feel pain when drinking cold or eating sweet foods. This pain is felt as a short and sharp and usually subsides immediately. The doctor treated this decay by a small filling. If the pain or toothache persist and comes spontaneously, probably caries hits the dental pulp cavity, the patient feels a long dull pain (pressure), at this moment has not help any analgesics, and the dentist will have to make the root canal treatment (endodontics).



Abscess is one of the most common complications of dental caries and periodontitis, it is an inflammation of the pulp (root). There is severe pain, facial swelling and fever. This disease is not good to underestimate; since never resolved itself, but rather may be that the inflammation spreads through the blood throughout the body. The doctor treating an acute condition with root canal treatment, incision of the swelling and drainage of pus. In most cases patients receive antibiotics.


Root canal treatment (endodontics)

In the past this procedure was not conducted and the tooth indicated for extraction. Thanks to modern medical technology now we can save hundreds of teeth each year. Tooth treated by the opening of the pulp, removing the infected tissue in the root canal and then purified and expanded root canal filled with fillers, which reaches the end of the root. This treatment usually requires at least two visits. With local anesthesia, this treatment is done painlessly. The tooth may be after such treatment, 3-5 days sensitive and the patient may use common painkillers. In case of complications, the patient must see the dentist.


Why Aesthetic white filling

Thanks to this new filling material dentist does not have to remove extra healthy enamel from the tooth to make a good retention as in Amalgam (black) filling. The main advantages of white fllings are that they do not contain MERCURY compared to amalgam. Dentist is capable by using a many shades available to choose the one that is most appropriate for the patient's tooth shade.



This method is used in dental treatment for patients with severe phobia of the dental clinics. This is a type of anesthesia, which relaxes sense and does not affect vital body functions like breathing and swallowing. These drugs are injected. They are used for long procedures.

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